The Minister  of Niger Delta Affairs, Pastor Usani Uguru Usani  has disclosed that the outcome of the just concluded Second National Council  on Niger Delta had considered measures that would end the challenges  of physical infrastructure, shoreline protection, security and unemployment  in the region.
“We have taken into cognisance memos that have to do with physical  infrastructures, youth, women, vulnerable, physically  challenged, coastal line protection, peace and security.”
The Minister revealed  this on Wednesday  at  the closing ceremony of the Second National Council  on Niger Delta which took place  in Akure, Ondo State.
Pastor Usani  added that job creation  was a major concern  for the Federal Government, saying  this had accounted for Government’s initiative for the revitalisation of moribund  industries in the region  and that  the government  was also expanding  space for agricultural chain production so that  more people can be involved  in this sector to create jobs.
The Minister commended the involvement  of all the participating agencies at the Council and those who presented  Memos. He stressed  that ‘Their opinions would guide us to foster on the frontiers of progress and development of the agenda, projects and programmes  of the Ministry concerning the Niger Delta  region for  the benefits  of those who live in the region.’
He added that this year’s Council  had given the Ministry  of Niger Delta Affairs  opportunity to ‘Take bearing  from the outcome  of the first National Council which took place in 2013 and to also convey the results  of our appraisals of how well we have come with the implementation of decisions reached.’
The Minister  reiterated  that the appraisals  of the 2013 Council  would  serve as the foundation for the new steps being taken by the Ministry in tandem with  the challenges and dynamic posture of the environment of the Ministry  and the Niger Delta region, which  suggests a projection of ‘Where we intend to land, considering the outcome of the current  Council.’
He appealed to the people  and residents  of the Niger Delta region  to support  government  in its efforts to sustain  peace and stability, protection of lives and properties of the people. “The worst nature of peace is better than the best attitude of violence.” The Minister  emphasised.

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